Namaste Dementia Week Events

Dementia Action Week – 16th to 22nd May 2022


Monday 16th May at 10.30am & 5pm

Musical Playlista one-hour workshop via Zoom

In this practical workshop, we explore how to identify and capture musical memories – including how to have conversations about music, how to find the right music, ways to listen to the playlist.

Tuesday 17th May at 10.30am 5pm

Dementia: Validation, Communication through Empathy – a one-hour workshop via Zoom

Naomi Feil, pioneer of validation therapy, explains her empathetic approach in this powerful TED talk which we explore after watching.

Wednesday 18th May from 11am – 12.30pm

Namaste Care Communication Workshop – in the Garden Room at the Hospice

An exploration of the Namaste core elements & activities toolkit and a consideration of how we can work towards better communication.

And also on Wednesday 18th May, 1pm to 3pm

🎶  A Musical Tea Party!  🎶  in the Garden Room / Gardens at the Hospice:

For people living with dementia and their carers to come along and share a favourite song / a song that over a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake!

Places are limited for all events. To reserve your place at one or more of these activities, or for more information – contact the Namaste team.

Email:              Phone: 020 8525 3165

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