Sing Along to raise awareness of dementia.

The LondonADASS dementia commissioners network would like to invite you to join a Sing Along on Friday 19 June from 11:00 – 11:10 to increase awareness of dementia during these unprecedented times.

The song we have chosen is ‘Here I Am’ penned by the Hurstmere School for boys, Sidcup, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Alzheimer’s Society. The lyrics are below and backing track to help you familiarise yourself with the song in advance of the Sing Along.

Click the button below to see a performance by Harmony Army, the StudioFix choir from Hurstmere School who will lead us on Friday.

To join the Sing Along via Zoom, please click the button below at 10.55 on Friday 19th June.

If asked for further information, use these details:
Meeting ID: 993 8037 0666
Password: singalong

The Sing Along will also (hopefully!) be streamed via YouTube , click the button below. You can sign-up to receive a notification when the stream is live.


Verse 1
I left school, only fifteen
Got a job 2 bob a week
I first saw you at the church dance
You swept me off my feet it was surely romance
We settled down and bought our first home
Was so exciting going into the unknown
And then we heard the sound of tiny feet
Before we knew it
We were complete
These fading memories
They’re still a part of me
And I’ll face the future with smile

I know what you’re thinking
When you’re looking at me
Open your eyes
I’ve got wings, now I’m free
Got sisters and brothers
No longer 16
No time to restart
There’s no stopping me
Time’s moving on, it slips through our hands
Still young at heart
So here I am
So here I am
So here I am

Verse 2
Inside this soul a young person dwells
Now and again my bruised heart swells
Bring on the joy & ignore the pain
I’m living life to the fullest again
What happened to the years all gone too fast?
Tried to hold on, but nothing can last
So open up your eyes to-the person you see
I’m not a stranger anymore, this is me
These fading memories
They’re no longer part of me
But I’ll face the future with smile


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